Sunday, April 21, 2013

Honours 2013

Alhamdulillah... At last rasa nak menulis kembali..just would like to share with any readers here, i got honours offer on 20.12.2012 Such a beautiful date. Alhamdulillah. hurm...basically my research would be about autism. hihi Pray for me. And....autumn is here again! it. it's like the second spring but filled with golden, brown and red leaves. by the way, i'm turning 23. uh makin tua. makin dewasa kot.hehe... seperti biasa, at this age mesti dok pikir bila nak settle down. someday, insyaallah i believe..i'll be meeting that person. but not at this moment... saya nak menulis thesis bulan ni....sedang bergerak dengan kelajuan siput spongebob, gary. uh...kena wat jugak...xde pilihan lain. pen-off, thanks for reading... muka ecited tengok anak jaws dlm akuarium kat hospital.. the child inside me came out.lulz

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